hosting a prints of love pop-up

Are you interested in hosting a pop-up?

contact me at or text me at 214.934.0454

How it works. First we set a date and time.  For new stores or host I like to start with 2 hours (8 appointments)  My appointments are 15 min each.  I set up a sign up link and make a flyer. I send it to you 2-3 weeks before the event.  You send it to your customers and friends and they sign up for slots.  If you need more time, I can always add more slots. If its a store I always promote on my social media outlets.  Usually private events, I keep private.   I can bring by samples and cards to help your new customers know about the product.  It's a visual product and usually when the customer is able touch, feel and see all the little prints, they want it more.  It is also a word of mouth product and as customers show off their necklaces and tell their friends the pop-ups get busier and busier.  

The day of the event I come about 30 min early to set up for clay impressions and set out samples for customers to pick from.  A table and 2 chairs are always helpful to provide but if unavailable, I can bring it.  At the appointment customers pick their product, do the clay impression and pay.  It's important that anyone doing the impression, adult or child is present.  I collect payment so host doesnt have to worry about it. 

I take the impressions back to my studio and start making.  The lead time is about 6-8 weeks for products to be complete.  For stores I always ship the products back to the store so the customers can pick up and hopefully buy a couple more things while they are in.  For private pop-ups I let the host pick what is easier. I can ship directly to the customer or they can pick up from host.  

Host incentive.  Pop-ups are a great way to get customers in the store.  They come for the impression and for the jewelry pick up. The host also has a choice of prints of love product or 10% of all sales from the pop-up.  If you chose the 10% option, I send a check to the host when the jewelry is complete.

Additional info about the product
Prints of love are cast pewter keepsakes adorned with fingerprint impressions capturing a moment in time and lasting forever.  The keepsakes range from $60-$195.  All products are cast pewter with the option to 24k gold plate or rose gold plate.  Products include necklaces, keychains, cufflinks, earrings, ornaments and paperweights.  The fingerprints can be done at any age but the handprints are babies only (8 months and younger).  Please contact me at with any questions. 
For the customer

How prints of love products work.  

  1. Make an appointment via the sign up genius.
  2. At the appointment we will take a clay impression of your little ones. (they all must be present.)
  3. Choose your product and pay.
  4. Receive your keepsake in 6-8 weeks depending on the finish. (pewter or gold).