Casey Melton grew up in Roswell GA.  Influenced by her mom, a painter and graphic designer, she received a degree in Sculpture and Marketing from the University of Georgia.  After college she moved to Dallas to work for a Studio 3-0 by Brad Oldham (co-owned by Shoshannah Frank).  There from 2005-2007, she created interior architectural elements and learned the art of pewter casting.  
In 2007, Shoshannah broke off to start her own endeavor where Casey joined her soon after. The women decided to partner and the company evolved into f. is for frank jewelry. Keeping to the philosophy of the perfectly imperfect, every handmade creation was truly unique, offering a balance between art and function. Every f. is for frank piece was designed, cast and finished in-house at their Dallas studio. As artists, the pair’s main goal was to continuously experiment and evolve with each new line.In 2018 Casey and her family moved to NC and then back to her hometown of Atlanta, GA to create her own endeavor, Casey Melton Studio.