Prints of Love Baby Handprint or Footprint

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 Price includes impression kit and cast pewter baby Handprint or Footprint 

  • How it works: You'll receive a kit which includes 2 clay forms, return envelope with prepaid shipping label, instructions and order form. There is also an instructional video here full of great tips.  
  • Complete the kit in 1-5 days from receiving.  Ship back after completion and I will turn your clay impression into a forever keepsake in 3-6 weeks 
  • I take 2 impressions so I can pick the best one and have a back up during the mold making process.  
  • Make sure to fill out the order form to pick your options: paperweight or ornament, text on the back (name, year), additional quantity.
  • From the impression I can make multiples of the exact print. I keep the mold for up to 3 years so you can order additonals in the order form or at any time after at a discounted rate.
  • All products have an artisan feel with your child's personal touch cast and molded with love in our Atlanta, GA studio.   
  • Babies must be 9 month and younger due to the size restrictions in my molds.


Click here for an instructional video and helpful tips